Hi! Kita-kits tayo sa isang workshop tungkol sa student leadership sa Miyerkules, 4-6 p.m. sa PH 308-310


Due to heavy rain (and probably a muddy field) games today will be postponed. However, if you’re in school already, or planning to go to school, you could attend a mandala-making workshop later at PH400 from 10-12nn.

This event is for the RH Agenda.

And watch out for announcements when the second day of the sportsfest will be! :) 

Stay safe guys! >:D<

A Month-long Celebration 
of Students’ Rights and Welfare

Sept 6-9 : Sino si Isko? (Diversity Week)
Sept 13-16 : FirST Time ni Isko (FST Week)
Sept 20-23: Bukas ni Isko (Graduate and Graduating Students’ Week)
Sept 24-30: Galing ni Isko! (Talents Week)

Proudly brought to you by your CSSP Student Council.

SPSS Tutorial on MONDAY, AUG. 22 at the PHAn comp lab.

Hope to see you guys there!

Important dates to remember:

July 25-Aug 5: Updating & Sign-up
Aug 8-26: Advising
Sept 5 onwards: Pick up of advising slip

We cannot stress enough how important these dates and steps are to our registration for the next semester. Remember to be on time during your advising date (your advisers should never wait!) and that you pick up your advising slip BEFORE next semester’s registration. 


To make your advising time more productive, make a list of subjects you want to take next semester. Make sure to include other alternatives in case you don’t get these subjects in the CRS (especially Psych subjects).

July 31, 2011

ATTN: College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) Administration, CSSP-based organizations, CSSP students

FROM: CSSP Student Council

We have confirmed information that, in a brawl last night around the hours of 11:00PM of July 30, 2011 to 1:00AM of July 31, 2011, a fellow UP student was physically assaulted by multiple men. The exact location of the incident has remained unidentified. The student is currently recuperating from the assault. Initial reports indicate that his attackers are members of Sigma Rho.

The UP student who does not wish to be identified by name is an alumnus of the Department of Political Science in the College, an alumnus of CSSP-based organizations BUKLOD CSSP and UP Association of Political Science Majors (UP APSM), and a member of Upsilon Sigma Phi. He is currently taking his degree in Juris Doctor at the UP College of Law.

There is no room for brutish violence, in whatever form, for whatever reason, and inflicted on whomever, within the confines of this University. An Iskolar para sa Bayan who cannot extend his sense of brotherhood beyond his fraternity, even at least with his fellow students who are not part of his Greek-lettered society, CANNOT be expected to extend his sense of brotherhood to the larger Filipino society. How do we serve the nation if we choose to harm even members of our own community?

In cooperation with the Law Student Government, the CSSP Student Council has been working since summer to find a final resolution to the problem of fraternity-related violence and to push for lasting peace and order in the UP community. The CSSPSC and the LSG are committed to exert justice on such incidents and on the culture of violence amongst fraternities in the University. No more extensions. No more excuses. Non-commmitment to peace will be interpreted as commitment to perpetuate the culture of violence among fraternities in the University of the Philippines. The latter shall NOT be tolerated and taken lightly. We will urge the College Administration and the University Administration to implement STRINGENT and FORCEFUL sanctions on fraternities who will not commit themselves to peace and push for the implementation of just action on and for the involved parties in the incident specified above.

We urge the students of our College to join their voice in the fight against fraternity-related violence in the University. Be part of our call by reporting any incident of violence to your CSSP Student Council.

Iskolar para sa Bayan, wakasan ang karahasan!

ANYARE? ballers for sale! Php50.00. Comment for orders, or send me a message, or text me (09275089248) hehehe :)

ANYARE? ballers for sale! Php50.00. Comment for orders, or send me a message, or text me (09275089248) hehehe :)

Isang mensahe sa Ikalawang SONA ni Pangulong Aquino.

July 25 to August 5 will be our Updating and Sign-up period. This is a vital step for our registration next semester, so don’t forget! Updating will be at the PHAn Comp Lab and Sign-up sheets should be posted on your adviser’s door.